Small Business

SBN Unlimited is committed to providing high-quality information technology services for small businesses in the greater Kansas City area.   SBN can be your very own IT consultant for your small business.

By having SBN as your Information Technology consultant, you can concentrate your time on your business and not on computer issues.  SBN will be there to help you with any of your computer related issues.  You decide how much IT support your company needs.  You may only need occasional help or you may need weekly support.  SBN will be there anytime you have a problem that requires immediate assistance.

We can also help you with a wide variety of computer services.  SBN can help you select the right software for your company.  If any new technology becomes available that could help streamline your business, SBN will keep you informed.  We will also provide your employees support in their daily computer needs.  For example, they might need some assistance in using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.


SBN can also help you setup a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  You will be able to connect to your office from home or on the road via the web.

Contact us at (816)805-5234