SBN Unlimited is committed to providing high-quality computer services for homes in the greater Kansas City area.  A professional SBN technician will drive out to your home for all of your computer needs at a price that considerbly less than any retail outlet.

SBN can provide a wide variety of computer services at your home.  We can repair any software or hardware problem.  We can help you optimize your existing computer for better performance.   If you want to install a home network, we can set one up for you.  SBN can remove any virus or spyware that may be on your computer.

SBN can also provide technical assistance in maintaining proper security for your computer system.  Many home computers are used to surf the net and receive e-mail but do not have adequate security to prevent viruses or spyware from infiltrating their systems.

SBN will help you with any questions you might have about your computer system.

Contact us at (816)805-5234